Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I found out the name for this guy is Hamburgler, not hamburger as I thought. Changing his name does not correct my mistaken idea of how to do the stripes. The original had a red necktie but I wanted to pick up the blue lights in the white beads so I grabbed a tube of blue beads instead.. I see a bit of the original black nose shows through and gives him a very tight lipped mouth. I think I just learned where to add a mouth if I want to do that. I had been putting the mouth down lower and it was rather weird - more like a wrinkle in a double chin!

Here is Humphrey II with his hump nicely padded up and out. I learned something here also. Often I have been unhappy with the way the beads laid on the belly. I could pull the fabric taunt to bead it but when the animal stood up that loose belly area would make the rows of beads go wonky. If I would open the animal and pad out the body, those lines of beads stay firm and straight even when it stands. Big improvement! Thanks Bead Universe for that tip. Here you can see how much better I did the nose / mouth part of a camel.