Monday, May 27, 2013

I wanted to let you see what was happening on the photoshoot set-up while I was not looking! I got such a laugh from these two. Fake camel shows real camel how to do the splits while keeping his cool. Even having pink feet does not stop him from showing off.

Real camel with his new blanket. I had figured out a complicated bird's eye pattern for it but then found out it was too complicated for size of the beast. I love how the white beads in the blanket (the same white as on the fringe) looks camel-colored. I have had great fun in doing this pair. I learned alot which is always 9/10s of any thrill for me in artwork.

On Wednesday Werner went to Vicki's to pick up the new order from Fire Mountain. Here are the AB amber 8s I was missing. This puppy is really getting heavy! I noticed that my wrist was aching by the end of the evening. When I first started on this, I was very unsure about the idea of covering him with beads, but now as I look at the unfinished parts I am even more delighted with the beads. I see I did only one ear inside. I was eager to get to doing the body and skimmed right over that. As I get older I find myself letting things slide that I do not enjoy doing or want to do and just go for the good stuff.