Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I did get Doby done days ago. Then I floundered. Working on Lynx, getting a godzillion spots burned off my face and hands, and too much marvelous May weather to enjoy so this feature got the short end of the thread of my mornings.
Before that I had started this one called Hamburger (dumb name for a dumpster diver) and quit because I did not like the white beads I was using. I cut them off and used these transparent ABs which made me a lot happier. I do love those Precosia beads. Still I did not like the animal, so I laid it aside and started on the Humpfry the camel. I loved doing his face but the long legs are wearing me down. I suspect that when I get the camel done I will be glad to go back to using black and white beads again.