Saturday, May 4, 2013

So we have here a long-lost duck-billed platypus - the kind with really orange feet. There are two kind of chipped glass on the body. The ones around the head are more gold-pink and the ones farther on the back are bluish. I was lucky they worked so well because I had failed to check the strands of chips to make sure they matched. Most of them do not, but if I work from several strands at once I can make a mix that gives me enough to cover the animal.

I  had started the dachshund (you can see them on the belly) with AB rootbeer because I had so many and thought it to be the best color. However when I started to do the head I found them too dark. So I switched to the gold AB and found out I only had one box them. Suddenly in the middle of the forehead I felt there should be crystal and found this one. I will have to wait for a new order because  I then switched to Doby the Rottweiler and decided, after several attempts that I needed the light gold for him also/

No picture yet, but my third great grand baby - Abigali Christine Vetter arrived last night at 7:30. Congratulations to Shaun and Jackie and brother Jasper.

And this morning my haiku stone arrived in Gualala Arts Center to be placed on the path.