Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I have been so wiped out by simple trips to the art center or a doctor that I am barely able to bead in the evenings. Added to the fatigue, I did the face and ears of this "Doby" - who looks more like a Swiss Mountain Dog (Heidi don't you see Awanhee here?) than a nasty howling Doberman - with matt black beads and the edges showed more than the bead. So late yesterday I cut them all off and used the shiny black beads. Here the light bounces off the center of the rounded bead instead of the edges which would not always lie straight. Something to remember. . . I do love how the magatamas work as eyes. Even the gold fits here.

The box of 70 beannie babies arrived from Tennessee. I entered the auction because the items were going so cheap because they were no longer in their bags. I paid less than 25 cents an animal. But to my surprise many of the unbagged were not the teenie beannie babies but about 20 of the full sized ones normally costing 5 -8 dollars! I had this idea to fill a jar with unbeaded animals with the beaded ones popping out the top. I took this snapshot today to see what needed to be fixed before a sunny day came by so I could make an official portrait of the work. The title of the show is "Art for Art's Sake" so this is as close to Duchamp's urinal as I could get with my toys!