Sunday, February 10, 2013

The ostrich down to his last leg - to be finished. At this point he will not stand on his own two feet. I was thinking of giving him hips - thickened areas of beads at the top of his legs so they would not wobble, but I still do not think he will balance on two better attached legs. I thought of running wires up his legs but finished off the left one before I remembered I wanted to do that. So first job today is to try to find a good way to get wires up his legs. If it seems to work in the right leg I would tear out the beads that I needed to remove to get the wire up as far as I can into the leg and to attach it to the foot so it is stabilized. I have enjoyed the ostrich because I could use several different colors and even glass chips - which you cannot see here. I knew they would make him heavier and perhaps off balance, but I wanted him to have them no matter how he stands.