Sunday, February 17, 2013

Having to do some catch up today as the internet server was down on Friday and Saturday. Here is the Teeger with his muzzle fuzz and whiskers. Again a 'late-in-the-day' photo. I still wonder if I should have put claws on him or if he is too cute for claws.
The Gorilla from the 2009 series. This nearly looks like a black and white photo. His fur is gray and I was not going to give myself over to a gray animal with all our sunshine. Then I remembered about the Silverback Gorilla so picked the white silver-lined 11s which always look too gray to be used as a white bead.
By last night he looked like this. I am using AB clear 11s on his hands and feet and that is what will go on that light belly area. He does not stand alone but needs to lean. That's an empty bead box under his butt. I followed the original line of the mouth and now I see how crooked it is! Perhaps we can see that as giving him character. Sorry about the lack of eyes but I really feel more comfortable adding those last.