Thursday, February 7, 2013

I did finish this weird little monkey and somehow finished he does not look quite so terrible. Werner suggested the overlarge head could indicate a baby. If so, then why is he wearing a fez? I think there is something to understand about this creature that even beading does not reveal to me. I am glad to move on to
the ostrich. I decided to use the copper-lined clear beads because I liked the color and I wanted to use them. I had no idea that beaded together the color would come so close to the original. The head and neck were the same color as the feet. I thought of using chips to look like feathers on the wings but I wonder if those skinny legs could support the weight.
Remember when I ran out of brown beads doing the Chocolate Moose? Last night, while searching for pound boxes of browns for the ostrich, I found the brown beads I ran out of for the moose. The question for the afternoon is: do I cut off all the beads on the moose tummy and redo it with the right beads?