Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Here is Chips the cat with his new toy. When I got the box with him in it back from the gallery, I noticed he had flattened out so much. He was back to the original shape of the soft toy. I tried various ways of pinching his legs together to make him stand up, but nothing worked. Then I got the idea of putting his front paws on a ball, but I could not find any of my big round wooden beads that I could cover with beads. While looking for the wooden balls, I did find a bunch of bells. So Chip got a new toy and is in a mailing carton for Dixie.

Again I am beading a creature I really find ugly but seem unable to stop. I have other animals lying on the table begging to be beaded and yet I steadfastly stitch away on the Monkey with a fez (which really looks dumb). In addition, I started the lavender with only one vial of beads and have, of course, run out.  So the guy gets some pants out of the deal.