Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pico the Pup is done at last. I thought I would be beading on him forever. The last two days of good beading did make a difference. I think I was not aware of how much time I was wasting with playing on the Internet. Now I am glad it is done and I really like how this animal fits in my hand.
I suppose there was some significance in finishing this chiguagua on February 2. My mother who raised chiguaguas would have been 100 years old today. Her favorite dog, called "Ruthie" for her sister, was just this warm golden yellow. I do not remember the pink ruff, but that could be a fault of memory.
It was late and still I wanted to start a new animal. I was very tired and hurting a great deal so I hobbled to the cedar chest, reached in and pulled this out - Fez the Monkey. After I started it I hated the inflated head - to make it toylike - and vowed not to finish it. Just now while photographing the pup I took the time to find other animals to work on. I will see if I go on with the monkey or if I can switch over to one I admire more.