Monday, February 11, 2013

Again with the last sun of the day - thank goodness the days are getting longer! - I finished the ostrich. As you see he needs a prop to hold up his tail feathers.  In the photo it looks like his left leg is wobbly. Will take another look at it in the light of today. Otherwise I am very happy with him. I especially like the bits of fur the designers have put on these animals. It was not their intent, but the fur softens the hardness of beads - a feature I welcome.

Then I started on this tiger with the unlikely name of Oasis in the 2009 teenie beanie babies collection. To me he is Teeger, but as those orange and brown beads grow on him I keep thinking of the A&W rootbeer stand in Reedley California and he may end up as a rootbeer float. Hmmm. I haven't thought of a rootbeer float in ages! Nothing like beading to give one an appetite.