Thursday, February 14, 2013

Left and right side views of the A&W Rootbeer Tiger. I suppose an A&W Rootbeer stand could be seen as an Oasis - his beanie baby name. I only have to finish fuzzing up his muzzle today. I was so pleased with the look of the 15s on his nose I am seriously thinking of doing my next animal with them. The stripes would have come out so much more smooth with 15s. I do not know if could have another 5 days of that orange, though. In terms of how it makes feel, it is very close to pink. Yet, when I saw the ostrich, I really regretted not finishing the flamingo. Maybe if I can stand this much orange on my beading tray, pink is not that bad. Again, with this animal as for the Chihuahua, it seemed to take forever to do the underbelly and legs. I thought it was because I messed around instead of steadily beading, but this one too took especially long. Oops, I see he needs his eyes and whiskers. More bead tray lap time!