Saturday, February 2, 2013

I think something mystical is going on with this puppy. When I saw how small he was I thought, "Piece of cake. This will be done in a hurry." Not so. I thought maybe I had 'wild'  away too many hours on the previous other two days. So yesterday I kept at the job (and had such a marvelous time!) and expected by bedtime to have finished the puppy. At midnight there was still the head and the ears yet to do! The only thing that I can figure out is that it is harder to get the needle in and out of the smaller spaces and it takes me longer to place it. Often I have to  make 'silent' or beadless stitches in order to get the needle to come out in the right place. It could also be that since this is so small I force myself to be more accurate. Any how this one will need at least one more day and perhaps two if the afternoon gets broken up with a trip to town. Oh, I almost forgot to show you the difference in sizes. See how many more beads are on the dragon? I love the way the dragon looks as if he is going to eat the pup who is totally unaware of the danger.