Saturday, April 20, 2013

That's the manta ray - my least favorite beaded animal. What you cannot see is the white underneath. I should have taken the time to line up the rows of beads before photographing him but the sun was shining on my back and I was too hot and only wanted to shoot and run.
Yesterday I did get the folder off to LPCH! While looking for something else I happened to see two compressed folders at the bottom of my document's list. That had been my trouble. I did not know how to find and send a folder. Files yes but folders are in folders. Duh!
Computer was down all morning so I took a vacation and - yeah I beaded. I figured out how to do the little legs on the crab. By starting on the straight side at the outside I could get a line of beads laid down perfectly to start with. It looks very good so far but I have put in several hours and the first leg is still not finished.