Thursday, April 18, 2013

I got this far with the crab - only 8 more legs to go - and was just too tired to hassle the beading of those tiny legs that are so tight against the stones. I decided to enter it in the LP Children's Hospital call to artists even in its unfinished state. Then this morning I finished up the packet - 2.5 hours of making files fit their specifications - and now the web site will not allow me to up the file. I can send a file but not a whole folder as they want.
Am frustrated and very crabby!
Last night I felt I had to bead even though I was not up to fighting with the crab so I started the manta ray which I thought I would never bead because it is so boring - all black. To my amazement it was just the amount of challenge I needed - 0!
Now looking at the photo I am very pleased with the trick with the ruby 8s and amber 11s. That blends so perfectly with the stones that it appears as an arch. Very good. Now if I could only show the folks at LPCH.