Thursday, April 4, 2013

A couple of progress photos of the lobster. This is how he looked at noon on Tuesday.

And then on Wednesday. Last night I closed up the open part, added eyes and marvelous feelers. I want to wait for sunshine to make an official portrait of the finished work. I want to send this as one of my images to the LPCH call to artists project. In fact I have lined up on the shelf all the possible animals I could offer them. Now, as soon as we get another sunny day, I can make photos of them with the Sony camera. Late last night, when I was too tired to start a new animal I cut off ALL the beads on the latest frog as you can see below. I did not like the cylinder beads nor the way the sequins sat on his chest. Today he is back to the original. Only with beads could there be so much forgiveness!