Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It is really amazing how often I finish an animal between 5 and 6 o'clock. It was true again yesterday with this new ladybug called "Maiden"  from the revised 2009 collection. I had done two other ladybugs but they were from the 1996 versions. One had 7 spots and the other, more rare one I think, had 12. I liked this one because the back had some shape in it. The red beads look better here than in real life. Because of all the black beads, I used a black thread and the beads which were the Precosia transparents left the black visible so the actual color of the bead is more of a purple and the covering on the bead, the AB finish, shines up more.

I started working on the Hamburger bear from the 2004 series - he looks more like a raccoon, but was unhappy with the size of the white beads in relation to the black beads so I set him aside late in the evening and started on this the Duck-billed Platypus. Needless to say I have plans for that fuchsia color!