Monday, May 7, 2012

Worked on a couple of these beaded bails for various unused pendents with holes. I got a very fine "chain" by using 15s with Delica hex cuts. Have ordered more of the crystal marquis cuts so am making bails ahead of getting the order on the 19th. Need some more / new things for the summer at CHAC and the booth they will be having at the Gualala Arts May Fair.
I broke my homemade rule of not going on Ebay and went looking for Beanie Babies. I found a bunch of new, still sealed in packaging, McDonald's beanie babies for $7 and was the only bidder. So I got them all, with postage, for less than $.75 each. Am rather biding my time waiting on them to do more embroidered animals.
I did not enter the Etsy challenge as the theme was nautical and I had no good ideas in that direction - or maybe I was tired of losing?