Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I stopped long enough while there was still sunshine to get this snap of Freckles the Leopard before I finished the tummy and the ears last night. Today we have a marvelous sun without fog clouds so I hope I can get the official portrait done in the afternoon. Already last night I started on the frog. I am going back to 11s. It took me a week to do this in 15s and with 11s I can get an animal done in five days. Also I do not have enough good colors in 15s. Maybe when the order from FM comes I will be happy with what I have and will go back to 15s. I must say that as I work with these teeny beanie babies I have great admiration for the designers of these little animals. See how perfectly the body slopes to the back feet? It feels as if it is ready to leap. I feel that adding beads adds to the perfection. Now the animal stands and feels solid. True it is not a cuddly toy, but there are enough left in the world for the person who wants that. As far as I know, I am the only one beading beanie babies. Maybe that will change and others can add their rainbows!