Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The first snapshot of the chicken taken before the sun even gets to the photo set-up. I was gratified that he sits fairly securely. That tail as balance works better than I am sure the designers ever imagined. I had originally planned to stiffen the legs with wire but I doubt I could have ever gotten him to stand on his own two fat duck-like feet. So much for that idea.

Speaking of ideas. Had such a grand idea for November show at GAC -Memento Mori. "A pillar of Tears." Now need to see if I can show in a place without carpeting. There will be weeping and therefore water. Never got to sleep until after 3 a.m. but am still jazzed by the concept.

After finishing the chicken, but before digging out a new beanie baby, I decided to finish up one of the embroidered necklaces. I had been waiting on my FM order for crystals but now that I have it, I found everything I needed in my brass stash. I am comforting me with the thought that some times it takes a while for a piece to figure out what it wants to be and the kindest action I can take is to be patient.