Saturday, May 12, 2012

Got Claude the Crab done last night and was able to photograph him in the last rays of the setting sun. You can see that last bit of sunlight in the top photo. As I finished taking the snapshots I saw how the fairy angel was still hanging above it so snapped that image, too. While I was working on the piece I would have many moments of thinking This is not working;this is not worth doing, but now that it is done I am quite happy with it. I started it Monday afternoon as soon as I got done looking at the many treasures. I figure I have 58 hours in it. Too bad I got started on this so late or I could have entered it in the current Etsy Challenge. The theme was "Nautical" and I took that as meaning 'about boats' and knew there was no way I was going to bead a boat! Evidently others were equally uninspired by the theme as there were not many entries and those that were did not inspire me to vote. Many beaders expanded the theme to mean anything associated with the sea and Claude (clawed) would have been right at home.

Already last night I started to bead the Beanie Baby cat. I saw when I cut the paper label off that it was copyrighted in 1993.