Monday, May 28, 2012

I have learned a lot by doing "Freckles the Leopard." One is that 15s are so much better than size 11 beads. You probably cannot see it, but here I have combined dark brown 11s with two shades of 15 (as on the tail). This looks so much better. Already sent off an order for more 15s and more beanie babies so I can redo the cat. Also on this tail I beaded the length instead of circling around as I did on the cat. I did not like the exposed holes revealed on the edges. I am eager to redo the chicken also, but will not get the new shipment and have time to make it by June 5th so I posted the photo of this one in the Etsy contest.
Have enjoyed (too much) being back on Ebay and am now climbing back on the Ebay Verboten wagon.