Monday, May 14, 2012

One day later and the cat in the scanner looks even worse! I am happy with the butterscotch color even these beads are slightly smaller than the root beer. I love how the beads, following the curve of the cut in the fabric create shapes. At one point I thought I should sew the beads on in curves to show cat body as a shaped thing, but the lines of beads do it beautifully. I am getting a great deal of pleasure embroidering these animals.
I talked to B. yesterday and she said the eyes of the crab were not defined enough (she actually came to this site while we talked) so I redid them and was really pleased how some glass flower forms made eyelids. Ha! I just downloaded all the photos I took yesterday between breaks in clouds of fog and found out the macro setting was off and all the photos were fog fuzzy! At least the sun today is bright and steady. Will try again. Could already see in the blurry images that the eyes were much better. At least that worked well.