Monday, January 30, 2012

Why can't I start with simple? Suddenly this is what I wanted to make with the bead embroidery. I have the feeling I am sewing myself into a painted corner. How to make this into a necklace is going to take some serious engineering!
Now I just need to get this under control. I had planned to take the blue beads up and around the butterfly. Now looking at the scan it helps me to re-see the work and what it needs. Maybe a darker blue - almost black. Or maybe just the blue between the antennae?
This is the creative journey that excites me so much. It is more important than the finished product. Not always the best attitude as finishing up the journey and making it appeal l to others is another can of worms and skill set.
This piece scared me so much that I have glued together a couple of fairly simple cabochons in similar patterns so I can work through simpler problems. Ha! I do love the combination of brass work and cabochons. All stones can be monotonous.