Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another set of stars. Here are all I have done. Dorise's original one is in the center (the darker one). When I called to see how to return it, Dorise said she did not know where or from whom she had gotten the star pin. I would really like to give someone credit for all the joy I am getting from the design.
The lower red-brown star I made trying to duplicate the colors in the original. However I used a tan ultra-suade and hers is on a black rayon-like fabric. The black background mutes the transparent beads (as in the center of the star to the middle right) which, though it looks great on Dorise's star, bothers me. so I am back with the bright flashy colors.
In an effort to tone it down I started the star at the top with softer colors on a white background. All of these beads are Delicas which I can see here in the scan make the rows almost too small. It seems 11s are the best for this item. Am listening to the audio tapes of Margaret George's Autobiography of Henry VIII and thoroughly enjoying both.