Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In checking back on my blog I took another look at the bail from Etsy. This time I made a better sketch and was able to copy it accurately. I found that the bigger it is, the more graceful it appears. It is almost 2 inches wide and the hole is very big for a donut.So I made this one with a very simple chain to not detract from the upward soaring line of the bail. I just strung delicas with a square bead every ten beads and then kept going back and forth with strings of 11a and 15s until these holes were filled.

Basically this stone was not a donut but one of Fire Mountain's clasps. I do not think I have any more stones with a hole in them. So this is the end of this idea at the moment.
The Ultrasuede arrived and it is so much thicker than that which Sheree had given me so many years ago. I must devise a new way to use it. Have a star cut out and will try it today. Also glued a stone to a piece to see how using it to back a cabochon works.