Monday, January 16, 2012

Loyal followers of this blog, here you get to see the first photos of "First Out of the Nest." Heck the photo cuts off the left side. However did that happen? Anyhow, I see that big crystal on top has to go. Not an easy thing to do without taking the whole bird - it is a bird isn't it? - apart.

Just got the book on bead embroidery by Serefini and Krummli and so I am wondering if I should redo the bird as an embroidery project. As it it is I sewed a basis of white 6s made into a brooch form.
While researching felt for other embroidery projects, I got a quote for 'cushion air felt' used in display cases. That is the stuff I have gotten by the ton in the dozen cases I bought for my necklaces! So often in my life lately I have noticed that when I feel the need for something, if I look around in my stuff a bit, I will find I already have it in abundance.

However, I did order a yard of Ultrasuede this morning when I was supposed to be doing book reviews for Lynx. I suspect the afternoon will find me poking a needle through that weird cushion air felt stuff to see how it works up.