Sunday, January 8, 2012

At the opening of the show, "Living on the Edge" I met a beaded piece I had seen several years before and tried to copy from memory while not really appreciating how it was made. Dorise Ford was wearing the pin highest above. When I told her of my quest, she immediately unpinned the star and handed it to me. At home I discovered it was made by the embroidery technique and started to make my own. I used two layers of black felt sewed around a cardboard star - which accounts for why mine is slightly bigger. I think I want to order some of that very expensive wool felting Sheree showed me. I am not yet totally sure because I want to avoid having to sew a backing on to the pin and I do not want my stitching to show. I may try some ultra-suade before I spend $60 on good felt. The layers have to be sewed together when the circles of beads get to the edge so they can go slightly around the edge. I was very surprised how differently colors appear when they are next to other colors. It took me awhile to establish my palette. Am eager to do another one.