Thursday, June 17, 2010

While doing the 15th fish in these series I suddenly felt like I could not do another one. I had been thinking about a necklace with amber and turquoise. From one moment to another I had switched trays and was back to stringing. I made the ugliest necklace with the most clumsy closure! I was amazed. I had tried to make a double strand but the wire was showing all over. I had no idea I could be so bad!
I went back to the fish, but just could not let the necklace stay like it was. I cut it apart and started it all over. I felt the amber got mushed by the turquoise so I put in tiny gold crimp beads between them. Debbe had given me a stash of them when she decided to work only in silver so I have gobs. Was glad to have them as gold balls looked too big and pulled the attention from the beads. The tiny crimps gave just the right distance.
As I look at the scan here, I am still not satisfied. I wanted to do something with this combination but it is not clear in my head. I want it more asymmetrical, too. Maybe I have given too much energy this week to the two books that went off to the printers! I think I am being told to take a break!