Monday, June 7, 2010

On Saturday I finished the fish I was making so Sue would have a wider choice (she did come on Sunday and took a bunch off to her class; none of the new ones :-)*) and I was wondering what to start next. I need more beads of the 15s to start the tiny fish for the Christmas tree for the Festival of Trees in December so will wait until the new order comes.

Then I remembered watching an "Auntie's Beads" You-tube demonstration of the "flat spiral stitch" and to my amazement I was able to remember it and do it. It was so easy and worked up so nicely that I made all of these. I have one still going that is lovely with light greens and clear ABx2 crystals. The crystals have opal-like fire that is very exciting, but what to put with those bright orange 'flames' that doesn't look like Halloween?

*I have do often noticed that when I make up something for a certain event, or in this case, many fish examples for Sue, people will not pick the newest made items, but pick out the older ones. I have wondered if the new pieces have not yet 'jelled' or combined themselves into a unified unit - a state that only comes when the beads have had time to get acquainted.