Monday, February 1, 2010

Am still trying to get a good photo of these bracelets, but both scans and camera shots do not do them justice. They remind me of tennis bracelets on steroids. I should not make fun of them because I enjoy making them so much. I can get three bracelets from one strand of cathedral beads.
Another attempt to show these off.

And a family picture with the idea that if one bracelet does not illustrate the idea, maybe all fo them will! Here you are seeing the bracelet from the side and you can see how eager they are to curve around a wrist!
When I put away my big order from Fire Mountain - most seed beads - I realized my storage system needed overhauling. I had beads in tubes, in plastic boxes and bags. Each color was in a possible three different places. So I made 'trays' by cutting the 11 x 14 priority boxes in half. They are not pretty but now all the yellows are together and the 6s, 8s, delicas, and 15 each have their own tray instead of a deep basket. Now I need something with shallow drawers, like a cabinet for drawings. They run about $300 - 400 or a cardboard paper holder for $25. In the meantime I simply stack the trays and hope my biceps bulk up from the lifting. The system is certainly not ideal, but I am now better able to find the best blue beads for a project.