Wednesday, February 3, 2010

After wearing one of the necklaces in this design, it was easy to let myself go back to making more. I really like these! I am a crowd of one, but I have enough confidence in the worth of this idea to stick with it! So I made a couple more, and even though I still have plenty of the big beads made in Ghana from recycled glass, I got bored with using them. Also I needed a pinkish warm bead. Not willing to wait for a new order of beads I got the idea of 'making a bead.'
At first I thought of wire wrapping a wooden bead but I could not find the big wooden beads. I know they are around here somewhere. . . Ah! just while typing this I remembered I had put them together for a beading kit for Jasper. I think I know where they are now.
Anyhow, lacking the wooden bead I tried various methods of weaving and crocheting the copper wire to make a bead and I all made such a mess of everything I just wadded up the failure. Voila! a bead.
I put some beads on the wire for the next one and I really like the feeling of seeing the beads 'floating' inside the wire bead. Am eager to do more of these.