Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The order from Fire Mountain arrived so last night I was able to finish (I thought) adding the crystal lights.
However, I see, when I scanned in this "branch" that I missed some!

When I took a quick photo of the whole thing for the bead group meeting, I could see that the upper branches needed to have the ornaments put on more thickly. So last night I used up all the "ivory" birds and animals and most of the good crystals. But I see I must check each branch for things I may have missed - like some lights.
The 6mm crystals at the bottom really do a great job of 'catching the light.' I keep debating if I should spend $80 for a turntable so the whole scene will revolve. That would make the AB covered crystals flash out the colored lights just the way I imagined it. Having the work revolve would not make it more attractive for judging or for photographing, but it would greatly enhance one's enjoyment of the final scene. I am close to throwing caution to the winds and ordering the revolving stand just so I can enjoy all my hard work. If they made one that played music too, there would be no more hesitation.

Am still working on the rug and have two more toys in my mind's eye.