Tuesday, February 10, 2009

While talking to my son Hans on Sunday I told him of my unhappiness with the yellow cast the barge cement gives to the letters of the haiku book and he suggested I get a hot glue gun. So I did. I was surprised it only cost $6. I guess they figure they will make the profit on the glue. I haven't tried it yet. It may set up too quick - only 15 seconds. And having one page of clear letters may also be wrong for the whole piece. This next panel has 13 letters so it will surely be a greater challenge than the other two put together.
Rhoda Teplow stopped by so we could go together to Gualala Arts to retrieve our pieces in the "Judged by Peers" show and she found out one of her necklaces had sold. We celebrated by getting food from the supermarket and sitting in the car while overlooking the Gualala River Estuary and surf. As we finished a gull flew down to the windshield and stood there just letting us stare at him as long as we wanted. He was a beauty!
When Rhoda came she looked at "fog" page (I was still attaching the strings of silver beads) and she felt the golden glow in the letters was a bead color. Now that is an opinion I could live with.
Last night the glue on "river" page was set enough I could bring the panel inside. For some reason I just could not get myself to start sewing the letters to the fabric and instead fiddled with these figures for the other work.

I had done them on the weekend but was still making final adjustments. The cat is just one tall and his tail goes off to the side. The scanner insisted on mashing it down.
I see the rockers still need shaping. I made them in two layers so I could insert a wire to keep them curved. More work here, too.
Making the ball was the first time I ever covered a wooden bead with peyote stitch. The white ones are 11s, the dark red are tube 15s and the golden one are round 15s. I was hoping the changing sizes would help me do the decreases more evenly. Not sure that worked!