Sunday, February 22, 2009

Okay, here is the blog I should have written yesterday.

Thursday I was beading away on the projects and more than slightly bored when the phone rang. It was Lena from her store Everything Under the Sun in Point Arena.

Since the Holiday Store in December she has displayed some of my beaded things. However, the one item that gets the most attention is a lizard she has but refuses to sell. Still she loves having it on the counter by the cash register. When people ask about it she gives them one of my cards. Then on that day she got a customer who would not give up. She really wanted the lizard and offered any price for it. As compromise, Lena called me.

I was glad to take up a new beading project and talked to Amanda. She said she wanted one that was green and yellow and about 7 inches long. To my surprise she said she wanted it for a key chain. This was good news as I hate sewing on those lapel pin backs.

The next day she came by and picked up her brand new lizard. I liked the color scheme and made a second one to show you here.

Since the discussions about posting on Etsy, I am thinking of starting out with the line of lizards and taking my name from that. However I do so much else, I hate to be limited by lizards! Open to suggestions here.