Thursday, February 26, 2009

Got three new items made for under the tree. A little red wagon (the wheels really turn), a top, and a big green package. I used the diagonal stripe stitch that I used on the needlecases and pill boxes. I had some green beads that I was sure were not enough for a pill box (they were not) but just the right number to make a package. Added peyote stitched gold ribbon. In less than hour later Bu Kitty had claimed it, knocked it to the floor and attempted to hide it from me.
I put the tree together and am really pleased with its shape and how it looks. Finally! I cannot believe how many days I spent just on that one part of the piece.
The rug is being a beast though. I thought that I could work it lose enough but at the ends, where the oval bends, the beads are bunching and the thing will not lie flat. I will try knocking out some of the up-poping beads, and if that does not work, will start the rug over and make it round instead of oval.
If the sun comes out, I want to photograph the whole set-up. I have found that I can see a work better when it is photographed than looking at it in the real. I am so caught up in whatever I make, I can never be really critical as long as it feels as if it is "mine." That was how I found out the tree needed more ornaments.
Yesterday, just on a whim, I did order the revolving display stand. Afterwards I realized that when the works are judged, only the first round of judging is by photograph. If one makes it through that, then one sends them the actual piece for the final round. So glad I followed my feelings, because I think it will be the best thing for the work.
Last night, as I put away my beading tray, I glanced over at the tree. To my delight the AB finish on the crystals was glowing in blues, gold, and red - so the crystals do shine in colors just like lights on a tree!