Sunday, June 30, 2013

When I was half-way finished with the fish on the right I realized that the marvelous patterning I had discovered for the giraffe looked here like that disease goldfish get just before they die. Only then did I realize that I should be putting the sequins on in a fish-scales pattern. I debated about cutting the sequins and the picots off but decided to leave them as I do love that pattern. I immediately then started another fish just to proved to myself I could do it right. I had to cut the sequins off the cording and sew them down one at a time. In the photo the two methods do not look that different. Maybe it is a mental picture? I do love the white blue flowers I found to use for eyes. They really do look like fish eyes; even to the bluish cast. After much thought, I think I know a better way to finish the curved edges of the tail and fins. I am eager to get to that part today.