Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A photo of the beaver from the other side so you can see the 8s on his back and tail. What you cannot see is the tiny patch on his tail that I need to finish. Already my mind is racing toward the next animal. I have a white cat on the table that is already padded out with cotton on which I can see colorful possibilities. I never know until I have the animal in my hands which one will be next.
Yesterday I boxed up 9 more animals and left a note for Barbara. I hope she will find time to pick them up and take them to the gallery this week. She is so busy with the show at Gualala Arts I will easily forgive her if it does not happen. I am aiming my heart to go to the opening on Friday, even with some remaining red spots on my face and hands and no new haircut.
I have been cleaning up my desks and the studio since getting A Dictionary of Haiku off to the printers for a proof. I am amazed how much pressure I had put on myself with that book. Perhaps my beading will improve in inventiveness with my light as balloon feelings.