Sunday, June 16, 2013

Godzilla in all his glory. You can almost see how I solved the problem of the color for the inside of his legs. I used both blue and green. If only I could always be so able to compromise! His eye looks demonic in this shot. Maybe he is!
I found a big penguin and a small one from the McDonald's series of happy meals in my last auction win so am planning to do the pair. Actually a Father's Day tribute without meaning to make one.
Rhoda brought her things for the summer camp at GAC to store here while she goes to Japan to show her beaded works. She had with her some tiny clay beads a guy in Mendocino made in his hippie years. He tumbled them to make them shine. Really incredible. She said he had four wheelbarrow loads of beads. She was selling them and now I wish I had gotten some.