Saturday, December 15, 2012

The guitar arrived so I was able to finish the Garcia bear. I had forgotten the possibility of putting a strap on it to hold it in place. I thought I would have to sew down both arms to secure it. The little instrument was accurate right up to having tiny metal buttons for the strap. So I beaded one in purple and lavender beads which I then sewed in place. The ability of the strap to hold the guitar in the right position works for this miniature as well as the real thing. The guitar is a bit too big but since the bear is a caricature, I feel it works. Am very eager to give this to Sus to see what he thinks of it. The whole venture as many of the same feelings I had when I made toys for the kids for Christmas and then found it hard to wait to give them something I was very excited about. It is too cloudy today (another storm on its way in to us) to take an official photograph. Besides I took down the backdrop and put the Christmas tree in its place. In December the sun comes in at such an extreme slant there is not enough light for a whole photograph. I'd rather look at a tree than work waiting to be done.