Sunday, December 16, 2012

Here is the lion I am working on now. His exaggerated nose reminds me of the Beanie Baby hound dog's muzzle. This beast has movable arms and legs so I need to keep moving the leg to make sure the beads are not stopping the movement. I cannot believe how happy I am when working on these stuffed animals. I was thinking back to my girlhood and remembered that my bed usually had twenty or so stuffed animals on it. I thought nothing of the work taking them off at night and replacing them in the morning. Even after I had children I still kept a stuffed animal on the bed. It was a huge, 3 foot long tiger we called Unga. I had gotten her cheap after Greggs in Lima had used her as decoration for Christmas and my Aunt Evelyn, who worked in the glove department, helped me buy her. Went online looking for Unga and here she is on ebay  Thanks ebay for keeping the memory alive!