Saturday, December 1, 2012

That pink on the flamingo stopped me so much yesterday that I actually tore up and redid the butt on the Ronald McDonald clown before going back to it. I really hate cutting apart a finished character so I realized how much more I was hating that pink if it could bring me to this job.That gave me the courage to set the flamingo aside and let myself go with this lion. The great thing here, on a 2000 animal, is the fact that they used a smooth material for the body. That is so much easier to bead than it was fighting with the plush on the Garcia bear. However that long fuzzy mane was problematic until I resorted to the old plastic sandwich bag trick. I did not want to stick it down with tape for fear of pulling it out. I feel the bead color is better than the fabric color so I am happy to relax with this beast. A rainy day and the highway is closed because the Garcia River is flooded so I can sit by the fire and bead on a happy lion that gives me courage and happy thoughts.