Saturday, December 8, 2012

Isn't she charming? I love how her head is turned in question. I made a new discovery with this animal. I did the belly first. It is my least favorite section so it usually gets done last. By doing it first I could maneuver the legs outward and flat as I work. None of that bending the needle to do armpits.
Did you notice her diamond necklace? I have no idea why I stopped working, went to the studio for those time Swarovski crystals to sew them down under her chin. Perhaps it was because a few days ago, while putting away the crystals I discovered a tube of these very tiny crystals and wondered how I would ever use them again.
I just went to the gallery to pick up one of my animals. I have decided to give them to my children as Christmas presents  - oh joy - a beaded gift from mom. . . I saw that only two of the Christmas earrings were left so I imagine that when I get Bronty here finished I should go back to making Santa Claus earrings.