Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ah, the lion is done. Doesn't he look  ready to pounce? That hair is really wild. When I took the last of the plastic bags off of him it was ruinously flattened. Without thinking I grabbed up Bu's cat brush and whoosh! there was this. What I forgot to show you in the photo is his lion-hearted chest. As I was finishing up this very last section, I suddenly got the idea to add a red heart and it fit in perfectly. I think I had hearts on my mind as on Friday my oldest daughter, Heidi is having a heart ablation. She is a lot more calm about it all than I am.
When I finished and was searching for the next animal I kept feeling I had made this decision but could not remember what it was. So I started this brontosaurus with the hope I could make him into a dragon but his face is all wrong. He has such a sweet attitude that I do not think he has the spirit to be dragon material.
Now, at my computer in the light of day I see the lion from the Boyd's collection that has sat beside me for over 15 years. I wanted to give him a beaded life. Maybe next time! if I can survive the days of not having him by my monitor.