Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The work on the teddy bear goes on. Last night when a fellow artist heard on the phonewhat I was working there was a very long meaningful pause. I gave up trying to fit ceramic arms and legs to the body and now I am happy with the way the beads go on to the arms. They are so much easier to bead than the body because there is spare air all round it to wrangle the needle in and out. I have broken more needles than I care to admit.
Here I am working on the back. I want to establish 'pants' and need to do that before I can start the legs. I also found it easier to go back and forth across the back rather than up and down as I did the front - which explains the 'collar' that is as big as it is.
Vicki has already offered me a Beanie Baby she had received as a gift. I hear they are softer and much more flexible. That will either be harder or easier to do than this was. Vicki reminded me it was an email from Suzanne in our bead group with a web connection about another woman embroidering an animal. I quake to think there are two of us doing this!