Saturday, March 10, 2012

The opening of the new gallery for the Coast Highway Art Collective was a huge success! Here you see Barbara Fast wedged between two very engaged visitors (in front of my net of beads). There were so many people we were often stacked back to belly, and still talking, smiling and nodding. Great food (as is the fame of openings in Point Arena), the wine flowed and everyone agreed that the place looks even better than before. The show had a breadth not evidenced for many years. A great mix of artists in such a warm and inviting atmosphere had a very special charm.
I feel hung over this morning (without the wine!) and have plans to put snapshots of the event up on the Coast Highway Art Collective website later - when I am recovered!
The necklace Barbara is wearing is the one with the sand dollar as you have seen here. The sand dollar must have worked because there were several sales. The first was Diane Cochran buying one of my beaded stars and immediately pinning it to her black velvet hat. Was so busy writing up the sale I forgot to photograph her.