Saturday, March 21, 2015

Yesterday, thanks to Harmony's visit in person and Mary Sue's by computer I learned about pocket dolls done like the peace pals only much smaller. However, again I could find no pattern for one or even photos. So like the Little Red Hen today I did my own. In the back row are two of the seven inch tall peace pals as I have been doing them this week. Then with the slimmer tan wool I started one with 16 stitches in the head circle instead of 24 and I ended up with a doll about half as big. It also goes a lot faster to make the little ones! I am tempted to try more tomorrow. I am feeling a bit conventional by my ease of reaching for the same yarns over and over when I have by my chair a bushel various yarns. I printed out one of Mary Sue's photos to study and she has lots of variations in yarn sizes and colors. Somehow the shock of what I have done by moving my studio into the garage studio is touching me. Still I feel very good out there even though yesterday I slipped on one of the rugs and banged my knee on the cement floor so I walk funny again. Amazon is promising the new bamboo rugs by Wednesday.