Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ah, I got the Bunny-girl to stand up, This time I put rounds of cardboard inside the shoes so the soles would be flatter. Here she is wearing her collar (which covers the weird stitches of her neck!). The blue light of morning gives a wrong color mixture. She is very white.

Here is the addition of a tail and the backside of her new collar. In the morning I undid it and worked that extra collar in with gathers. I wanted the tail to show so I sewed it on the outside. The pattern has NO tail but what's a bunny without a tail?

Finally I made a Peace Pal Doll the right size - 7 inches tall. What you cannot see here are her earrings! I tried knotting her hair and it did not take that much longer to put in each hair in separately. Am thinking of using torn strips of fabric as hair. . .
As I was talking to Harmony on the phone I found out the Sea Ranch knitting group has been making these dolls for a year! I am eager to see how theirs look to check if I am doing it all right. I ran out of tan yarn last night so ordered more on eBay. They have so many other kinds of yarn it is like shopping at a new store. I had a ball . . . of yarn!