Saturday, March 7, 2015

I really wanted to try out another of the Peace Pal dolls but I had absolutely no tan or brown yarn! It is strange how that color evades me. Last night I did go on eBay again and ordered two different balls of tan and light brown but they will take a week to get here. Since they do not want white Peace Pals I decided to try making a rabbit using their pattern. I really have trouble making arms and legs (and even ears!) the same size. I even had to cut off and resew the bib to the overalls to get it in the middle of the chest. I tried to make feet so the bunny could stand alone but it did not (that is why there is a rock behind the rabbit) and the the lumps on the bottom do  not even look like feet. I suspect those will get ripped off tomorrow and I'll  be in the business of designing new feet. Also I do not like the expression on his mouth. . . That may get some alteration also. This little guy took all day to make. I would like to find a way to speed up my construction.