Friday, March 27, 2015

I suppose one could say this artistic. I learned how to draw hair on the head of a dolly instead of rooting mohair. As I read about dolls I find more people either allergic to the mohair or find their hands cannot stand the pressure of pushing the rooting tool through vinyl. Also the people at cuddle therapy want their dolls without wigs or hairy hair so I have to find a solution to all these bald dollies. Today I want to add more hair but before I ruin the job, I wanted to show you.
Also I have been looking at videos by Ana Brandt who photographs babies and new moms and she wraps her subjects in loosely knitted fabrics so clothes are not distracting from the child. I tried making a knitted piece using the loom I got in winter but the yarn jumped off the pegs too easily. I got out my biggest crochet hook (one I had bought years ago to crochet stripes of muslin for outdoor cushions) and it creates a marvelous look with thin yarn - almost a netted effect.
This looks more like meringue than yarn but you can know that I am having fun. No pocket peace pals today.